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The goal of Saborjazz is to advocate, focus, support, produce and present the best newly created original music for those who appreciate the sounds of Latin Rock, Soul, Jazz, and R&B. 

Much of the summer of 2024 will be spent recording and playing new originals, so the table is set for a music-rich environment – a condition that every musician prefers!  Once a promo package is finalized I will update this website to reflect access and performances scheduled…

Recent endeavors temporarily on hold due to the new recording projects scheduled for this summer,  include THE LUMBRE BAND recently captured on CD; featuring the musical compositions of the late Robert Banda. The Lumbre Band provides new original music that’s now recognizable to San Francisco’s community and actively receives the support and participation of our local top-tier musicians.

Music of Robert Banda


Songwriter - Singer - Guitarist
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