Born and raised in San Francisco and in the early 1970’s, he began performing Santana’s style of music on the congas with his first band called “Race” that played all original Latin Rock. During his career with the Air Force from 1975 to 2000, He played with numerous bands in the clubs overseas – highlighting the popular music of the day. Upon return from overseas, he connected and performed with numerous bands including Phaze II (Mestizo), California Gold, Sapo Guapo, Freddy Anthony’s Mambo Caliente Band (6 months in Fairbanks Alaska), Soulamente, Cello Bossa, Sacred Fire, Sabor, La Familia Loca and The Lumbre Band.

The first time Gordon heard Robert Banda play, he was attending a birthday party for Tomas Montano; maybe around 2010. Realizing Robert’s original compositions captured the essence of Latin Rock – Gordon wanted to be a part of it. Since all the existing band members at the time were geographically separated by about 100 miles, he came to the realization in or about 2017 that if no one stepped up to the forefront, The Lumbre Band’s version of Latin Rock originals may never be recorded. When Richard Segovia expressed an interest in producing a CD, Gordon decided to go all in as executive producer to insure we could keep Robert’s version of original Latin Rock alive. Gordon feels confident once you hear the music you will agree the investment made was worth it.

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